Identify the minimum set of actions to produce the maximum value

With Strategic Perspective's approach, you won't find a confusing array of trademarked acronyms that mask unexceptional approaches. We know you're smarter than that. We believe the best approach is a simple, flexible one with quality in the details.

Because your company or organization is a complex system of systems, a large number of issues can cause ineffective cross-organizational cooperation and collaboration. Our science training combined with engineering and management systems experience leads us to emphasize careful assessment, uniquely designed solutions, and a bias toward action. Putting that together with our underlying perspectives philosophy, you get Assess-Define-Design-Act (or ADDA for those of you who really, really need an acronym).

During the Assess step, we scan your organization through multiple perspectives, looking for those that appear to have the most importance in your specific case.  These perspectives usually include:

Once identified, we place greater focus on these possible problem/opportunity areas while still remaining alert to multiple perspectives.  This approach results in an increasing focus through Define and Design, identifying a limited set of actions required for the maximum value.  By remaining aware of the whole organizational system, we also improve chances for success, reducing the risk of unknown effects of the changes.

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About Us

A Conference Board of Canada study concluded that "A successful cross-functional approach was dependent on how well managers created a culture in which there is a collective sense of responsibility. What makes integration successful is not so much the design but how well it is implemented."

-- Integration of Effort: The Key to High-Performance Organizations, The Conference Board of Canada, July, 1995