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Strategic Perspectives tailors each engagement to meet the Client's specific situation and the technology-centric organization's mission and direction.  The examples listed below show the breadth of our expertise.  More importantly, they demonstrate our commitment to finding effective, sometimes unconventional means of meeting our Clients' unique needs.

  • Intervened between partners in a small business, which prevented them from splitting the company.
  • Led a cross-functional product development core team to demonstrate effective cross-functional collaboration.
  • Identified behaviors exhibited by an IT organization's most "trusted partners" in relationships with their internal company customers and recommended a series of steps that duplicated these behaviors throughout the organization.
  • Following an in-depth assessment, outlined changes that led to the turnaround of an information system development organization that was out of sync with recent changes in the company's direction.
  • Designed a process for business innovation, tailored for a large IT organization to implement with its internal partners, and crafted to help IT become more proactive in creating business innovations using technology.
  • Led and facilitated a hastily scheduled, "emergency" planning meeting of mid-level technology managers across multiple organizations to address a large number of inter-related issues.
  • Resolved a cross-organizational battle between an information system development organization and it's primary internal customer organization by facilitating a series of team meetings to devise and execute a requirements setting process.

    Each client is unique, so we leave our cookie-cutters at home

  • Led development of an innovative, comprehensive product management process for an international, technology-intensive customer automation division through leadership of a diverse cross-functional team of client employees.

In most of these examples, Client organization personnel participated in the project under Strategic Perspectives' leadership or guidance.  We value each team's successful role in these projects and make "knowledge transfer" and important part of every project.

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