Strategic Perspectives LLC uses multiple perspectives to benefit our clients and their customers

There are many ways to view anything, including companies or organizations within a company.  Strategic Perspectives was founded on the general philosophy of its founder, David Lee, that there is significant benefit to sensing, thinking, and acting from multiple perspectives.  In each project we undertake, in the general approach we use, and in the way we interact with employees, we look into your issues and opportunities through multiple lenses.  David is known as “Mr. Perspectives” for the Power of Perspectives workshops he presents and the IMPACT model for personal development based on this philosophy.  Strategic Perspectives embodies those ideas, tailored to your needs, in each of our client engagements.

Need an analogy?  Imagine you walk into a park and see a large stone sculpture in front of you.  But as you begin to walk around it – seeing it from multiple points of view - it keeps changing: additional shapes appear, the light changes on it, and the connections between its components change (see video below).  In the same way, from the first interaction with you and your organization, Strategic Perspectives sees you from many viewpoints and collects a continually more accurate understanding.

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Why do we take this approach? Because we know we have biases and all the people in your organization have biases and we want to see the “truth”, the point at which all these multiple viewpoints – each rich in experience and information, but naturally biased – come together and show the way to changes that offer real benefit to you. 

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