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We customize keynotes, seminars, workshops, or talks of any type to meet the needs of the audience.  Some past topics include:  

  • The Power of Perspective - One of the most powerful abilities people have is perspective, the ability to view other people, places, things, and events from different viewpoints. Through humorous anecdotes and audience participation, this presentation helps us understand this ability and explains the IMPACT approach for using it effectively throughout your life.  An extended workshop with additional examples and numerous exercises is designed to give each attendee the capability to implement the IMPACT approach.
  • The 12 Principles of Process Management - Anyone who designs/redesigns, implements, or manages processes should experience this presentation.  Based on David Lee's experience designing, redesigning, and improving processes, the information is effective either as a keynote/presentation or workshop. The principles explained - with titles like "An owl is a bird of prey" and "Looks like a nail to me" - are both important and memorable.  The presentation explains mistakes to avoid, opportunities available, and rules to follow in making changes to processes.
  • Connecting in the White Space - Learn how successful companies and organizations of all sizes optimize the "white space" in their organizational charts and strengthen the connections between people and organizations.  From simple communication to complex processes, you will walk away from this presentation with a new perspective on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization .
  • Why Is This So Hard?  Successful Organizational Change - Why IS organizational change so hard?  Combining the academic studies with real-world experiences, this presentation discusses the many elements that must align for successful change.  The keynote/speaker version covers the key points in an entertaining talk; the workshop version adds more detail, dialogue, and exercises to achieve the audience's objectives.

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