Have an IMPACT through Perspective

As individuals, each of us can have an impact on the world.  That's the Power of Perspective.  In my talks and workshops I break the concept down into a series of steps.

  • First Inspect your own viewpoint and how it effects your life and relationships.
  • Then Manage the way you form your perspective.
  • Next Perceive others’ perspectives, getting in touch with their reality.
  • Begin to Acknowledge others’ perspectives.
  • Actively Connect with others, using acknowledged perspectives to strengthen relationships.
  • Finally, Transform a relationship, your company, and the world by forming a network of strong connections.

You won’t have an IMPACT if you don’t Inspect where your Perspectives come from, understand how they affect your “reality”, and then Manage that process. Many of us already do this, but may not realize it. Sometimes thinking about it allows us to open up to new ways of sensing what is happening around us and allow more of that information to be processed unfiltered by previous experience.

It takes this enhanced understanding of self to learn to Perceive others’ perspectives. This does not mean I make assumptions about your perspective based on my own perspective. Of course, it may be an unachievable goal to completely eliminate preconceptions and false assumptions. We should expect to always work at this, but making the effort goes a long way toward positive results.

IMPACT Model for the Power of Perspective

To Acknowledge others’ perspectives is a significant challenge for some, particularly when they are different from one's own.  Sometimes people try to make the fourth step “control”, going from IMPACT to IMPC.  The power of Perspective isn’t about controlling or manipulating others.  By working to confirm and acknowledge another person’s way of thinking doesn’t mean you have to accept or agree with it.  But by understanding another’s perspective, you can more easily communicate and relate to them – to really Connect.

If you focus on Inspect-Manage-Perceive-Acknowledge-Connect, and never consciously try to Transform, usually you will anyway. This is one of the wonderful characteristics of the Power of Perspective – as people focus on letting their own perspectives evolve and on truly connecting with others, relationships become stronger. As relationships become stronger, the groups, organizations, and companies they are a part of become more effective and the relationships with other groups, organizations, and companies become stronger. As more and more people and groups of people strengthen their relationships, the world changes.

Have an IMPACT. Get started today.


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