Visual representations of organizational effectiveness

How would you represent an organization that is working effectively?  On this page we give you an opportunity to show a photograph, illustration, painting or any other visual representation that you feel represents, in some way, a company or organization where the people and processes work together effectively across organizational boundaries.


We saw this illustration (left) on a web site and bought the rights to use it.  The gears imply work and a process, but the unexpected figures running across them imply the need to work together, moving toward the same goal.  -- Strategic Perspectives


Like an organization, the sweeping, but complex nature of this waveform (below) is tended by people figures.  We created this using harmonograph software.       -- David Lee



Submit your own representation

Complete this form to submit a visual representation for consideration.  Please submit only files in standard image formats such as jpg or gif.  Note that Strategic Perspectives reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason. 

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